I am a Malawian currently working for USAID/Malawi as a Private Sector Development Specialist. I hold a Masters degree in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University, Indiana (USA). I did my undergraduate studies at Bunda College of Agriculture, a constituent college of the University of Malawi where I graduated with a BSc in Agribusiness Management. My research interests include resources and the environment, commodity value chains and policy and impact analyses.


15 Responses to “About Me”

  1. chrissie mlauzi Says:

    uum i am impressed achimwene i know why you owe alot to you mum, am a single mum too, raising up a child is not easy …but you know what? where there is a will, GOD makes a way…AA mulungu ndi wabwino i have made my 12 year old daughter read your story,… when GOD says yes no man will say NO…zabwino zonse..

    1. Thanks Chrissie. Glad to know youre doing a great job raising your daughter by yourself, however big the challenges. It’s very possible…with God’s help, she will become anything she wants to be. Thanks for visiting and all the best!

  2. Gift Chibwana Says:

    God has a valueble purporse to you dear..and the skill of hadwork has fullfil it.. amwene mwatipatsa chidwi zedi!!

    Gift Chibwana (BLANTYRE-MW)

  3. Gift Chibwana Says:

    God has a valueble purporse to you dear..and the skill of hadwork has fullfil it.. amwene mwatipatsa chidwi zedi!!

    Gift Chibwana (malawi)

  4. Humphrey Mathewe Says:

    Keep on writing. One day just include something about FORM 4 KESTEN and CHITAKALE.

  5. Mada H Says:

    I was going through your blog. Indeed God put a way where there is no way. You have come from afar. Keep trusting in the Lord.

    I didn’t know that there are many talented Malawians out there. Keep it up. I appreciate this.

  6. Chiwa Chitsulo (univesity of Stony Brook, NY) Says:

    Hello, I really enjoy your blog and just wanted to leave a message saying that you are a talented and goodhearted young man. Stay Blessed and keep doing your good work!

    1. Thanks Chiwa, I really appreciate your visit.

  7. Miss Lilongwe Says:

    Ndathokoza kuti amalawi kunja kwa dziko lathu akuyesetsa kufalitsa mafuno abwino kwa anthu onse amalawi. Keep it up abale athu.

  8. Lawrence Kondowe Says:

    Hello, I’m impressed with what you are doing Mr. Chibwana. Let’s us inspire those who feel they cannot achieve what they dream to be.

    I’m also enjoying the same God’s gift here at the University of Dayton, OH. It’s very rare for a student in Malawi to find a chance of studying somewhere far from home. In addition, for my case, coming to U.S to study soon after graduating from secondary school (MSCE) is even atypical.

    See you on Radio Yako. Remember I’m your huge fan of the Radio.

    Lawrence (University of Dayton, Ohio)
    Skype: lawrence.kondowe
    Gmail: lawrencekondowe@gmai.com
    facebook: Lawrence kondowe

  9. Elijah Phimbi Says:

    Great, work man. Lets try to help those who wre seeking help. It is my hope you will walk the talk. Radio Yako-LL Studios Crew says Good Luck.

  10. Don Says:

    Bwana azioneka! This is nice. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks bwana for visiting, very much appreciated

  11. Nkando resident Says:

    Zabwino zedidi! Tinabwera ndipo taona zomwe mukuchita.Mwayamba bwino zedi. Its so cool!!

    1. Ndathokoza abale anga a kwa Nkando for coming, dzabwereninso tsiku lina!

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