Hello friends. Today I have decided to honour one brave Malawian boy whose dream has inspired me and many

The boy who harnessed the wind

The boy who harnessed the wind

 others across the globe – William Kamkwamba. You might have heard his story of determination and courage against all odds. For those who might have missed his story, William is a boy from Kasungu District (Wimbe to be specific). When he was just 14, he built an electricity-producing windmill from spare parts and scrap, working from rough plans he found in a library book called Using Energy and modifying them to fit his needs. The windmill he built powers four lights and two radios in his family home.

I have just completed reading his autobiography The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind that I got from the online store Amazon. I must admit that it is truly an inspiring story, I have not been disappointed with the buy. In the book, William shares his life story, which strikes a chord in my own life. It is a tale of how courageous one man can be in the face of adversities. In the book, William tells of how the society around him shaped his life – from magic through traditional dances to the boy he is today, how his family made it through the 2001 famine and how it almost shattered his dream of getting a good education, and his inventiveness that has led him to where he is now. I’m not reviewing the book on this page, suffice to say it is worth every cent.

Now 21, William is a student at African Leadership Academy, a pan-African high school in Johannesburg, South Africa. The future looks bright for this young man. As a Malawian, I cannot be any more happier for him. I applaud everyone who helped unearth this promising leader. If you appreciate good things, I recommend you buy his book from Amazon.

If you missed his video, here it is: